PTCL bill Copy, Duplicate, Print & dbill View

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Check the online PTCL duplicate bill copy. Now you can print out and view a copy of the PTCL bill. You can also download a copy of the online bill. The company always gives its best to customers, with better services, a better helpline, and an online billing system. PTCL is a leading broadband and telephone operator in Pakistan. Pakistan Telecommunication is not only working on their services for broadband or telephone lines, but they are also working to provide ease to their customers by giving them the best online services.

Online PTCL Duplicate Bill

PTCL is offering a check-and-view Dbill online service. The company is more loyal to its customers to grab the market. Sometimes the original PTCL telephone bill is lost due to some reason or a representative is unable to deliver it to your doorstep. In this case, you can view the check and print the bill online from your computer, and after that, you can deposit the due amount of that bill. Now you don’t have to worry about it; PTCL has a solution for this problem, and this service is very beneficial for the customer because you can download and print your duplicate copy of the bill online and check it anytime and anywhere.

In the age of digital, everything is easy and at your fingertips to get a copy of the PTCL Duplicate bill online Is convenient, Here is a complete and detailed guide on how to get your online PTCL Bill. Pakistan Telecommunication Company launched a link on their website to download a copy of a bill.

Not only that, but you can also see the complete history of your PTCL Online Duplicate Bill Payment, which you paid in the early days or whose amount is due.

Follow these Simple steps to get PTCL Bill

1. Visit the official PTCL website at type duplicate bill and a page will appear with two options, Account ID and Landline number, you can put information like the PTCL Landline number or account ID, which you can read from your old bill.

  • Enter Your PTCL Telephone number without the area code
  • Enter your account ID, which is written on any previous bill you can easily locate on the front side of your bill. After that, click on the search button, and your  Duplicate bill will be available online. Now you can print it, view it, or save it
  • Review your duplicate bill carefully to check for payment due dates, total amount, and any other information regarding your Bill.

Download Duplicate PTCL Bill

By following these steps carefully, you can easily download a PTCL duplicate bill copy online without any problem. Technology makes managing your bills easier and more efficient.

Contact Customer Support if Needed

    – In case of any issues while downloading your duplicate bill online, do not hesitate to contact PTCL customer support for assistance.

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    • Kindly post duplicate bill of 5159175, Account Id : 10000613821, Customer Id : 0140505159175 on your portal . You guys neither send our bill thru post nor post duplicate bill on PTCL portal. How pathetic system. The bills are issued on 14th of every month but never send to the user on time. Please note that today is 25th of Jan. Please don’t delay it further.

  1. Not received PTCL Bill form last 6 moth against this number 7523608. I did complain many times but there is no proper response

  2. Original PTCL Bill for paid in your account etc, Wef May 2016 against my number 042-36544078 has not been received on monthly basis . I also complain many times but there is no proper response,Please send copy through your distribution sours or reply on my cell no.03224737820.

  3. Telephone bill not received still now against ptcl # 02134910447, please arrange imemdiately

  4. My bill of this month along with arrears was paid through net on Sept. 6th but still waiting for acknowledgement from your end. Phone number is 02134660801

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