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Ptcl Broadband DSL packages and Rate Details are available here. Ptcl DSL Broad Band Packages are affordable and according to customer choice. Ptcl is offering DSL packages that are affordable and cheap. The Ptcl DSL service is reliable, and millions of customers across Pakistan enjoy high-speed DSL internet and quality of service. Ptcl service is in more than  2,000 locations with 1.5 million customers. Ptcl DSL service is available in cities, towns, and villages.  No doubt Ptcl Dsl Internet is the leading broadband service in Pakistan. Ptcl Dsl offers 1 Mb, 2 Mb, 4 Mb, and 8MB Dsl Internet Packages. For Ptcl Dsl 2MB Student Package you must show the admission card of your college or university. Ptcl is also offering a student Package for a student who is studying in college or university. The main advantage of Ptcl DSL is that Ptcl Dsl is reliable. Ptcl DSL packages are very cheap among other broadband providers in Pakistan. Ptcl is trying to improve its services by working on speed issues, line issues, and customer complaints against the Ptcl DSL line. Ptcl is offering a 300 GB download limit on the economy package of 1 MB, which I think is enough for a home user. Ptcl DSL users can enjoy unlimited downloading with high-speed internet, high-speed browsing, and video streaming. The Ptcl DSL Packages form is available for online orders on the Ptcl website. Ptcl broadband packages and rates are available below.


PTCL 1 Mbps Economy Package

The monthly charges are Rs.625. Data Volume allowed: 10 GB Installation Charges are Rs.15,00

PTCL 2 Mbps Economy Package

Monthly Charges are Rs.775. Data Volume allowed 15 GB Installation Charges are Rs.15,00

PTCL 1 Mbps Starter Package

Monthly Charges are Rs.999. Data Volume allowed 20 GB Installation Charges are Rs.15,00

PTCL 1 Mbps Package

Monthly Charges are Rs.1325. Data Volume Unlimited  Installation Charges are Rs.15,00

PTCL 2 Mbps Package

Monthly Charges are Rs.1575. Data Volume Unlimited  Installation Charges are Rs.15,00

PTCL 4 Mbps Package

Monthly Charges are Rs.1775. Data Volume Unlimited  Installation Charges are Rs.15,00

To Subscribe to Ptcl Dsl Packages dial Toll-Free Number 0800 80 800

Free Wifi Modem with any Ptcl Dsl Package

For Complaint Dial 1218

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