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How To Change PTCL Wifi Router Password,

To Change PTCL Wifi Password follow these steps below

Step 1- Open your Internet browser whether you are using Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Opera. After opening your browser in the Address Bar (shown in the Pic Below) Enter the IP Address: this IP Address is the default IP of your PTCL Wifi Modem and Router. You Can also change this IP Address but the default is this.

Step 2- After Entering this IP Address Press enter or go button in the browser as you used to visit regular websites in daily life. After that, a POP Up Window will appear and will ask for the PTCL User name and Password. Now Keep in Mind that PTCL Wifi Router Password is a Default given by them. You Can also Change the name and Password of Your PTCL Wifi Router but the default PTCL User Name is ”Admin” and Password is also ” Admin” after giving the user name  ” admin” and Password “admin” You will Enter in PTCL Wifi Router Setup.

PTCL Admin Panel
PTCL Admin Panel

Here You Can See the setup of PTCL Wifi Security, Password, Name, etc.. which you can change easily by following these simple steps 

1- Click on the Wireless Button

2-Click on the Security Button and you can see in the image below a password box click on the PTCL Password and Write your new PTCL Wifi Router Password of your own choice and after that final step is Save by clicking on Apply Button after that your new password will be applied

After that Turn on your Laptop or Mobile Wifi connection and it will ask new password enter your new password and save it to the device.

Keep in mind that if you also changed the Name of Your Wifi Device then click forgot your previous name on your android phone and then search for the new name on wifi and then enter your PTCL Router Password and save it into your device. Now your PTCL ADSL Wifi Router Device Password is changed and secure.